Volunteer Spotlight – Jackie 

Jackie joined us at our Seed Collecting training session last September and has been a regular volunteer since. From helping us collect seeds to processing and now sowing, she has barely missed a week. What a star. And she is the reigning Christmas tree quiz champion!

How did you get involved with More Trees?

I’m a volunteer at Lyncombe Hill Fields and when a tree nursery site was agreed there, I decided I would love to see the process from the start at ‘More Trees’, to the time we receive the little seedlings in the nursery, so I volunteered. It has been a great experience I am learning a lot and meeting great, like-minded people.

What other interests and hobbies do you enjoy?

I have always loved running in the countryside although nowadays more of a jog, gardening, although my garden is small, & arts and crafts. I make large paper mâché sculptures of animals.

What is your favourite film?

Saving Grace, a Brenda Blethyn film 2000. Such a funny sequence in the middle!

What is your favourite tree and why? 

Beech! The sunlight through the new leaves in spring, and the lovely autumn colour. Recently at ‘More Trees’ the noble little seedings with unusual first leaves sprouting from the nuts, make me love them even more!

If you could change one thing in the world, what would you change?

Remove Plastic.

What is the most memorable place you have visited and why?

I love going to Scomer Island in Wales to see the Puffins. They seem to ignore us nosy humans completely, even making use of us as we keep the Herring Gulls away by being there.