Tree Planting

We planted around 800 trees on two Curo owned sites at Whiteway Green and Axbridge Road over 3 days in March.  So exciting to be to be planting our own home grown trees in the ground at their final destination!  We had a great variety of tree species to plant and a great turnout from such a wide range of people. We had volunteers from around Bath, the local communities, BIBS (Bath Building Society), Halo Present and Emberson Group.  We collaborated with Blooming Whiteway and Curo.  The Tree Council helped to fund the planting event at Whiteway Green and BIBS funded the trees at Axbridge Road. Big thank you to everyone that was involved. 

Joe Robson, Senior Arboriculturalist at Curo commented:
“I was very proud to work with More Trees for B&NES during the 22/23 tree planting season. Not only is the charity based on a sound, unique and infinitely practical idea this idea is consistently followed through with action. More Trees for B&NES organised volunteers who were enthusiastic and hard working and provided over 800 whips which were all of great quality from roots to shoots. A big thank you from Curo and a personal thank you from me for all your hard work, the quality of the trees and the planting is a great reflection on the charity and we look forward to working with More Trees for B&NES again.”
We will be organising some after care events to help the trees survive and thrive through the Spring and Summer.