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I have been a trustee with More Trees for BANES since 2022 but have been working in support of the team for a few years.  With a background in forestry, woodland and countryside management, I have worked for Forestry Commission, Woodland Trust, local authorities and Defra.  More recently I was Head of Major Programmes with The Tree Council, delivering large scale multi-£million tree planting projects across the UK. Today I’m the UK Rural and Natural Capital Manager for the UK Defence Training Estate, Landmarc.

 Having lived in Bath for 14 years, and raised a son here, I am deeply connected to the countryside around Bath and the wider Avon area, and so was thrilled to become part of the More Trees for BANES team, working with local people to facilitate the production of locally sourced tree stock.  I look forward to helping the organisation and its network to grow, so together we can grow, plant and nurture More Trees for BANES.