From June the seed collecting season starts and continues through to December.

Collecting seed from a wide variety of tree species and from a range of local woodland locations is key to our seed collecting strategy. Research has shown that growing trees with local provenance increases their ability to establish well and thrive. ‘Local provenance’ means trees that are grown from seeds that are collected from trees of longstanding local origin.

Growing and planting trees with local provenance makes a significant contribution to minimising the risks of introducing tree diseases. By collecting from a wide range of locations we also help to increase genetic diversity of our tree stock which promotes resilience to climate change and disease.

We currently collect from around 20 different woodland locations as well as veteran trees and hedgerows. We are always looking for new sources of seed with a focus on ancient and semi-natural woodland.

Bathampton Woods, Bath
Breach Wood, Bath
Dyrham Park, Bath
Folly Farm, Bishops Sutton

Greyfield Woods, High Littleton
Lower Wood, Gloucestershire
Middle Wood and Vernham Wood, Bath

Rainbow Woods, Bath
Royal Victoria Park, Bath
Smallcombe Woods, Bath
Lords Wood, Chew Valley

Please see our Calendar for details of our seed collecting for 2023.

We would like to thank the landowners who have granted us permission including the Avon Wildlife Trust, the National Trust, the Duchy of Cornwall, the Woodland Trust, the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust and BANES Council.

Our woodland locations

Lord’s Wood
Smallcombe Woods
Greyfield Woods
Vernham Wood
Middle Wood
Lower Woods
Pipley Wood
Folly Farm
Rainbow Wood
Breach Wood
Bathampton Wood