Tree ID Workshop

We run tree ID workshops in May each year in local woodlands training volunteers in how to identify around 25 native tree species. Tree ID skills are useful for seed collecting with More Trees. Please check our Calendar nearer the time for organised workshops.

Seed Collecting Workshop

We run a seed collecting training workshop in September for anyone interested in collecting seeds for us. This helps to ensure that the seed we collect is from the right sources/tree species and that we follow good practice in our collections. 

If you are planning on joining us for a group collecting session it is not essential to attend the training although you might find it interesting. Please check our Calendar nearer the time for organised workshops.

Reading Circle

In line with our values of learning about trees and sharing our knowledge, we run a quarterly Reading Circle. Together we can learn more! There are endless interesting resources for us to dip into and read, mostly focussed on trees but also other related topics such as climate change. We want to make it easier for us all to keep abreast of everything from best practices to emerging research on growing and caring for trees, as well as the benefits trees bring in both urban and rural settings. We’ll pour a cuppa and talk sharing what we have each read, and collectively become more skilled in the art of trees!

Sessions will be a mixture of online and face to face depending on the group’s preference and time of year.

Fruit Tree Grafting Workshop

Run in February, during this workshop you will learn how to graft fruit trees. You will have the opportunity to graft 2 or 3 fruit trees. More Trees will then grow these fruit trees on for a couple of growing seasons at one of our tree nurseries. For a small donation, you will be able to take one of the trees home with you.