Voluntary Posts

For more information on each of the following roles with the More Trees team, please get in touch with volunteers@moretrees.earth and we will be happy to help.  These roles require a regular commitment and relevant skills and/or experience.

Dry Arch Tree Nursery Assistant

We are looking for a Tree Nursery Assistant at our Dry Arch Community Tree Nursery (CTN).

Our Dry Arch CTN is based at Bathampton and hosts our Duke of Edinburgh (DoE) Award volunteering programme. Here all volunteers including the students undertake all aspects of tree growing and nursery maintenance and development. Activities include planting out
tree saplings, weeding beds, lifting and heling in trees as well as maintaining paths and developing new nursery beds. Additional sessions at other locations are arranged to ensure the DoE volunteers experience the whole range of tree growing activities.

This role will support and work with the Nursery & DoE Programme Lead. No formal qualifications are required. If you are passionate about trees, the environment, or a keen grower and want to learn and develop new skills then this may be the opportunity for you.

Chief Scavenger

We need someone to help us source materials, tools and equipment. You will need to research options on-line and with local suppliers and wherever possible find recycled, or second-hand items to help us with our nurseries, including kitting out our new central nursery Hub. If you are good at spotting bargains, a scavenger at heart and can offer us 1-2 hours a week please get in touch.

Paid Posts

We do not have any paid vacancies at present.