More Trees was set up in 2008 by Adam Gretton and since then has planted around 11,000 trees in Bath and North East Somerset. 

In 2021, responding to the emerging concerns over tree supplies, we took on our first employee and have been focusing since then on growing our own trees with local provenance. We collect seed from local ancient and semi-natural woodlands then process, stratify and sow in our Hub (currently within the Parks depot in Victoria Park). We now have a network of community tree nurseries where we grow our seedlings into saplings once they are ready to leave the Hub. This helps reduce the region’s reliance on imported trees which have bio-security risks and a bigger carbon footprint.

In 2022 we took the bold step to become a registered charity (CIO). We are now at an exciting stage of our journey as we accept larger funding and look to grow and increase our work and team. We have mini nurseries in schools, more community tree nurseries and are now developing our own central Hub in a new location in Bath.

Today we have a growing community of volunteers, three employees and a board of Trustees.  We are well known in the local area and have built a solid reputation for the quality of our work, our ability to mobilise the community, and inspire community leaders.

The story is entering another chapter and we are excited!